Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel has said that he wants to Bayern Munich to win the Champions League final on Saturday because it would mean that their chance of playing in the group stages of the Champions League will remain intact.

Tottenham finished the Premier league season in the fourth position, which is a major disappointment considering they had a 13 point advantage over Arsenal only a few months ago. However, poor run of form in the last few months had put them on a real danger of missing out on the Champions League, but they scraped through in the end.


The Aston Villa goal keeper Brad Friedel has been declared to have gone under bankruptcy with a total of around 5 million pounds.

This entire loss has been shown due to deficits in his US football academy which keeps on increasing in its debts year by year.

Although he earns around 40 thousand pounds each week, the fact that he still has to clear the debt goes on to show how badly his football academy is operating. Friedel currently lives with his wife and daughter in the stunning Cheshire mansion located in Ohio.


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