The Tottenham goalkeeper Brad Friedel has said that he feels that the players let down the fans extremely in the recent 1-0 defeat against Wigan. This was the second straight home defeat for Tottenham, which meant that they have now slipped behind the title contenders quite heavily in the Premier league table.

Brad Friedel reckons that it was just an awful day for the players, and they need to hold up their hands and say that they did not perform well for the entire match. Ben Watson scored the second half goal that gave Wigan a very unlikely victory at White Hart Lane.

This victory now mention that Tottenham have been an extremely poor run of form in recent weeks apart from the 2-1 win against Southampton. The pressure is now on the manager Andre Villas-Boas to deliver the results. The former Chelsea and FC Porto manager faced a difficult spell during the start of his reign, but recovered sufficiently before the results have once again gone bad. Brad Friedel was one of the impressive players for Tottenham in the match, as he held the team to just one goal deficit by making a number of excellent saves over the course of the match.

"It was just a very lacklustre performance by us. We need to get a home form on track. It hasn't been good enough this season. We will have to go back and look at the video. Normally we have some positives and negatives but I have a feeling this one will be full of negatives. This was just not a Tottenham performance. It was maybe our worst performance of the season," said the American International. His place has been under threat from Hugo Lloris, but he has been able to keep the first spot for himself this season.