Barcelona finally sacked Ernesto Valverde to appoint Quentin Setienbut it appears the dark clouds hovering around the club for the past two years are yet to go away. The club’s sporting director and also former club left back Eric Abidal criticized players for bottling up voluntarily under the previous regime and club captain Lionel Messi has hit out on the former France international asking and daring him to name drop any such player.

Samuel Etoo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic never backed down in their criticism of the cult Pep Guardiola supposedly built with Lionel Messi. The Cameroon and Sweden international never shied away from bringing it up in interviews over the years.

The Blaugranas will be facing Napoli in the upcoming champions league round of 16 and they now more than ever need to put their house in order to avoid the kind of humiliations

Many Barcelona fans are still questioning the wisdom behind handing a man like Setien the reigns of their beloved club just because his approach and tactics remains similar to the one Guardiola employed during his four-year stint and that made sure the whole team revolved around Lionel Messi. A wisdom that is being questioned because the Argentina international is already above 30 and can retire anytime soon leaving the club to look foolish for not planning for the future as opposed to currently fixated on doing everything possible to make sure Messi remains at the club at all costs.