Jurgen Klinsmann on deficiency of Legends from America in Football

Jurgen Klinsmann says the reason why there’s been no Footballing legend coming out of America is that the Footballers in the country are not hungry enough to look to make it to the higher level even if they have the talent to do so.

They develop the sense of contentment pretty early in their careers which stops their further development.

The American Footballers of late have been interested in joining Major League Soccer despite having the opportunity to play in bigger leagues. While, it does not surprise Klinsmann a lot for the money that comes with the MLS contracts, it does disappoint him as he is of the view that those sorts of players who are good enough to be wanted in Europe are not tested at all in the American League.

Klinsmann believes as a sportsperson, you should always be in an environment where something challenging is waiting for you as it motivates you to improve yourself. If you do not have too many challenges to face and everybody is in just awe of you, praising you all the time, you are definitely not improving and improvement is so very necessary at every stage of your career.

According to Klinsmann, in Europe, you can’t get beaten and then just forget it. You will be reminded of it anywhere you go. That’s how much the game is cared about. You deal with pressure day in, day out. You almost get habituate to pressure and it helps you when you are in big international events because you are prepared to handle pressure. But, it’s different in America where the passion is not the same even though the game has grown a fair bit in the recent times and the pressure is not that much either.