The Aston Villa goal keeper Brad Friedel has been declared to have gone under bankruptcy with a total of around 5 million pounds.

This entire loss has been shown due to deficits in his US football academy which keeps on increasing in its debts year by year.

Although he earns around 40 thousand pounds each week, the fact that he still has to clear the debt goes on to show how badly his football academy is operating. Friedel currently lives with his wife and daughter in the stunning Cheshire mansion located in Ohio.

The sponsorship from the corporate sectors had fallen away and this had shown a sharp reflection on the academy’s ratings and progress and hence unable to attract trainees. The yearly payment for these trainees would be around 20 thousand pounds.

Although Brad Friedel has specifically mentioned that this academy is a non-profit organization and he does not make any profit out of it, yet he has to come up with ways to deal with this technical bankruptcy. According to reports from the RBS, the total owed amount was nearly 5 million pounds last August and might have increased in these few months.

The audit report of the academy shows that there is more than 250 thousand pounds which is set up in the form of unpaid property taxes all of which is related to the academy.

Brad Friedel however hopes that these issues will be sorted out eventually very soon and there will not be any further problems relating to the bankruptcy. They need to make proper arrangements and follow a path which will eventually be of use of to the academy and help it progress and grow. Let’s hope for the best and see what turns out for the academy and Friedel in the near future.