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The players of New England Revolution had a spring in their steps in their previous game against Minnesota United after the head coach Brad Friedel publicly showed his displeasure at the attitude of his players a couple of days back.

After his team suffered third loss this season, Friedel suggested that the problem with the players and it’s not just about his team, but with almost all the teams in the Major league Soccer is that when there is a defeat, it doesn’t upset the payers as much as it should and that’s because there is no price that they have to pay for the defeats.

It’s not the case with the big leagues in Europe where you have to a price for the defeats. You are going to put yourself in the danger of relegation if you keep losing on a consistent basis, you will have to face the wrath of the fans. It’s not that you can just get away with losing every week.

But in MLS, the players know at the moment that no matter how badly the team performs, it’s not going to get relegated and they will play in the same league next season too because the relegation system isn’t there. The fans aren’t too hostile either, so these things take the pressure off them and they don’t mind the defeats too much.

“The mentality of a player in this league, when they lose, it doesn’t hurt enough. There’s not relegation, they don’t have fans waiting by their cars, they don’t have the pressure they have in other leagues.” Friedel was quoted saying by

These words might have seemed quite harsh to some people, but they surely had a positive impact on the Revs players as they put on a quality performance the other night at the Gillette stadium and added three points to their tally.