Brad Friedel reckons Bob Bradley would make Swansea play different Game

Brad Friedel reckons Bob Bradley would make Swansea play different kind of Football than some of the team’s previous coaches have.

Friedel opines that all the Swansea coaches in general have been the ones who have not been that bold and have been interested in only holding the opposition with some good looking ‘passing play’.

That’s been the case right throughout the history of the club, any coach you talk about, all of them have been bothered about not giving the ball to the other team and that’s it, there’s never been someone who has come with some unorthodoxy.

But, Bradley is someone who has that type of mentality and personality and he doesn’t mind challenging conservatism.

He is a very practical person and he believes in methods which fetch results and not in the methods which only make for great viewing and don’t bear the fruits. So, rather than just having control, he would definitely push for productivity. His methods would therefore not be the same as what Swansea supporters have seen before.

Friedel, however, says that the fact that Bradley believes in productivity and not only in mere control of the ball doesn’t mean that he would just ask his players to keep shooting the long balls, there would still be plans and tactics in place and the play of the team would still be attractive, it’s just that he would be aiming more for the goals.

There is a feeling that it’s only Bradley’s nationality and not his ability which has earned him the job and that’s why not many Swans supporters have actually showed their pleasure on the appointment of the American coach and now to hear that he will change the method of play of the club might displease them even further.