Brad Friedel Great Example for Aston Villa Signing, Heaton

It has been confirmed by Aston Villa that they are signing Tom Heaton, the goalkeeper from Burnley and he is going to be the new addition to the side that is newly promoted.

The summer spree seems to continue for the midland giants as they have signed a new shot-stopper. Reports have to say that they have paid £8million for him. Heaton is more likely to take over the number one role at Villa Park. He is experienced who has proven himself in the top flight. He is known to have been capped thrice at senior level by England and has been a consistent performer for his former team, Burnley, recently.

It would not be bad to put forward the argument that he has been one of the top goalkeepers outside the top-6 Premier League clubs in recent times. Aston Villa is hoping that he will perform well and impress for them. Tom Heaton is surely a great signing on the first look and might be an £8 million masterstroke for the side of Dean Smith in time to come. He is playing a major role when it comes to keeping them away from relegation. He is joining as a thirty-three-year-old and few might raise eyebrows that Villa didn’t choose someone younger.

However, the experience that the goalkeeper has matters a lot and history have shown that it is the right path to take. Brad Friedel had been signed by Villa in 2008 when he was 37 years old and he proves that experience matters. Friedel had 36 clean sheets in about 131 appearances in his term with Villa and help the club to achieve top finish 3 consecutive times in the Premier League. His experience played an important role in leading the defense from the back. This is something that Heaton can also use in his defense.