Brad Friedel Asked to Leave for the Betterment

The decision was necessary of firing Brad Friedel from the New England Revolution after the Chicago Fire of 5-0. Brad has been one shining star amongst the American players in the history of the sport. Premier League has hosted him for 20 years, and evidence of which is the 500 appearances crossways different teams from the Liverpool extending to the Aston Villa. Predictions were for him to be a ray of hope, as he had the experience that could have inspired reappearance in New England. But through the dark path of his career, observing the 46 games, the predictions were failed.

Brad, the Revs head coach, couldn’t even rise as an average coach, evident with his records of him winning less than even one third of the games, the team he coached, in previous two games acknowledged 11 goals, and resulting 30 in the season, leaving at the stake of MLS- Leading difference goals of -19.

Not only this, there are more nuances of Revs to be removed from the Friedel, from which one of the major issues is the reaction and comments made by him in the media, which have an impact on a large set of people, including investors and fan base. Not only this but making outrageous remarks about how the players do not perform and give they are best, only because they are beaten up by fans, seems a little hurtful and indecent.

After all the shots missed as a good remark in the field of sports, it was now time for Brad Friedel to move out of the door. Hiring him to create history was the aim of the New England Revolution, but sometimes you do not hit the target, and after the disappointment, you tend to focus more. Now after the fallout, it’s time to see how the team gives the comeback.