Online Casino sponsor a team?

Football and gambling have long been intertwined – occasionally in a not particularly healthy way as in the case of betting scandals involving players, but more often in a way that has been beneficial and healthy for both parties.

Nowadays, both Premier League football and gambling are amongst the most successful entertainment industries in the world making the appeal of joining forces greater than ever; which is why the rumour that one of the top online gambling sites could be about to sign a sponsorship deal with one of the top Premiership clubs is not that much of a shock.

Of course this is all just a rumour at this stage, but if there does turn out to be any truth in it it’s not hard to see why it would be attractive to both companies. As the popularity of sports betting has amply demonstrated, football fans already have a real interest in gambling, and a deal like this would make a lot more of them aware of the existence of the online casino site.

The company has already recognised the potential appeal of casino gambling to football fans by developing football-based variants on traditional casino games – including football slots like Game On and Shoot!

Equally for any club, which is looking for ways to compete with the financial might of the sport, the chance to ink a deal with one of the major players in an industry which is growing at the rate of the online casino one would presumably be too good to miss out on. All Premier League clubs with hopes of remaining competitive have one eye on the FIFA Fair Play legislation which is around the corner, and this means increasing the amount of money that they have coming in, which such a sponsorship deal would surely do.